SFFO Charter

Below is the charter of the San Francisco Field Ornithologists:

Membership shall be open to anyone willing to part with the yearly dues ($5). In return, members receive only those publications generated by the SFFO in web form and maintenance of the SFBirds mailing list.

Hats, patches or logos of the SFFO will be expressly forbidden by the SFFO. Anyone displaying such while birding does so at their own risk; anyone with a city list over 250 displaying such while birding risks grave bodily harm.

Officers will be chosen from members who agree to serve as an officer by consensus from those members present. Officers will include a President, a Treasurer and possibly directors. Meetings will be held irregularly, most likely in conjunction with some other activity (e.g. a slide show) which is more interesting than the meeting. Meetings will be publicized through the above-mentioned mailing list.

Business can be raised at any meeting by any member in good standing, as long as it is pursuant to one of the bullet points above. Decisions on issues raised are reached by consensus of the members present. Minutes will be distributed via the aforementioned mailing list.

Members do agree to uphold the ABA Birding Code of Ethics for all birding activity, including but not limited to Big Days, Big Years, Big Falls or the Big Sleep. In particular, Scorched Earth Birding is expressly forbidden at any time. However, the SFFO makes no statement on observing motor vehicle laws for the State of California or City of San Francisco, since no one would notice the difference anyway.

Originally ratified on September 22, 2000
Amended on February 22, 2002